Foundation Reformer

A Reformer class with a focus on technique, posture and alignment. This class teaches the foundation reformer exercises. Suitable if you are new to the reformer or those wanting a
slower pace.

Reformer BURN

This high intensity, body toning workout is a fusion of traditional reformer and power core moves on the reformer. This class is an innovative, fast paced, full body workout – strong, challenging, energising and fun.

Functional FIT

A high tempo circuit class fusing Pilates, cardio and endurance exercises. A mix of reformer, trapeze, surfset, suspension training, bosu and foam roller – this is a full body workout focusing on strength, core, balance, rotation power, fitness, stability and flexibility. This is an advanced class – an awesome choice if you want to feel the ‘burn’.

Surf FIT

All the elements of the functional FIT class plus surf specific exercises focusing on building up your power, endurance and balance.

Reformer FIT

The Reformer Fit class includes not only our favourite – the ALLEGRO REFORMERS but also all the other equipment in the gym. Every class is different and might include suspension training, circuit style, SurfSET, bosu, balls. You don’t know what equipment you will be using but you do know that you will be working HARD!
Accelerate your fitness with our newest class – REFORMER FIT!

Better back

A gentle group class specifically designed for those who experience recurrent back pain – this class is designed and run by Physios. Better back is a fusion of Group Clinical Exercise, foundation training, functional training and myofascial release. It is gentle and safe and focuses on core strength, mobility, general strength, functional movements and education. It is a must if you want to end your chronic pain cycle. Not suitable for acute low back pain or back pain associated with sciatic pain.

Teen Pilates

The LOFT TEEN Fitness Circuit is designed to introduce tweens and teens to age appropriate strength, fitness and balance exercises. Classes are safe and effective and all taken by a Physiotherapist. Our studio environment is FUN, encouraging and non competitive. Our ever changing circuit style program will help build strength, improve balance, improve posture, increase confidence and build a strong core.   The program runs each school term. Classes are 45 minutes. Cost per term is $100 (active kids vouchers welcome)


Group Clinical Exercise

following an individual assessment a customised program is created according to your goals and your needs. You will work on your specific personalised program in a small group setting under maximum supervision. Ideal for people in pain or recovering from an injury or surgery. Health Fund Rebates available.


We discuss your fitness goals, take you through a full body functional assessment and create a personalized program which you can then choose to do in private or small group sessions.

Better Bones and Balance

The exercises in this class will slow bone mineral loss and increase bone strength, reduce bone stress by improving posture, and increase general fitness, strength and balance to help reduce the risk of fracture caused by falls. Have you had a fall or feel unstable on your feet? This class will build your balance, your strength and YOUR CONFIDENCE!
Better bones and balance is a MUST if you have osteoporosis, osteopenia, poor balance or you are at risk of these conditions.

Moving Beyond Cancer

This safe and effective exercise program is specifically designed for people with cancer and cancer survivors.
It involves personalised exercise programs in a small group (1-5 participants) delivered by an Exercise Physiologist. The exercises you do will: counteract the adverse effects of cancer and its treatment, enhance your physical and mental wellbeing and are all based on the latest scientific research.
This unique program involves education and exercises. You will train your body to move correctly, eliminate poor movement patterns, improve strength, prevent symptom progression and reduce pain.

Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis GLA:D Program

The unique GLA:D program involves education and exercises specifically focused on hip and knee osteoarthritis. You will train your body to move correctly, eliminate poor movement patterns, improve strength, prevent symptom progression and reduce pain.

In all classes you will receive attentive guidance.
We are here to help you be the best version of you and can’t wait to meet you.

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Shop 5 (Level 2), 8 Coronation Avenue, Pottsville NSW 2489